Sep 30 2008

Welcome to the Trace’s Photo Blog

Hello, and let me start by saying thanks for taking a moment to browse the Images by Trace Photography blog! As photography is not a discrete science, I am continually learning, checking, trying new techniques, tools and tricks to produce better and more interesting images. I intend to post a varied collection of information related to photography as a hobby, as a profession and as a medium that, given today’s tools, can present the story of life like no other.

Here are a couple quick notes about what you will and will not find in this blog:

  • You won’t find the typical, namby-pamby “oh they were so wonderful to work with” or “they were so beautiful, and their love really came through in their photos.” First, if they were not wonderful to work with, I will not tell you. Second, I think you can get a beautiful image of almost anyone; it just takes the right setting, the right angle, the right light, the right lens, the right exposure and just the right moment.
  • You will find that I’ll post as often as possible, and I’ll do my best not to be too long winded. (I tend to stay really busy, so do not hold your breath.)
  • You will find tips and techniques for working with a photographer.
  • You will find photographer pet peeves and observations, at least mine.
  • You will find some equipment reviews and tips for turning your photos into meaningful artifacts which reflect your life and story.
  • You will find links to other photographers and photography related sites that I find interesting.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. Thanks for visiting my blog!